Thursday, December 17, 2009

Walking milestone...

Alanis is able to walk about 20 steps without holding on anything... I am so happy when I see her stand up and walks to me... I am so shock and happy...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Stop breastfeeding...

I have stop pumping out the breast milk for 3 weeks already. This is my end of breastfeeding for Alanis. No more breastmilk for Alanis... Even I have used up all the stocks that I keep. I officially breastfeed her for 15 months. Hurray, I really did a very good job. I am so proud of myself.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The only available stock of my breastmilk

I have decide to stop breastfeeding and I only left not more than 12 packets of breastmilk in my freezer. When I think back, I used to have 30 over packets every week for Makoto after Alanis consumption. I really has huge milk production. I am proud of myself.

I have not pumping since 3 days ago. Everytime, I also hava a feeling to pump the milk out. But when I pump, may be it is only 1 or 2 oz of mik from both breast. Actually, I don't feel any engorge feeling even I have not pumped since 3 days ago. I think it will end now....and now I can start diet to become slimmer....

Alanis 15 month milestone

Alanis turns 15 months old officially on 8 Nov 09.
weight – 8.6 kg
height – 72.5 cm
milk intake – 4 times a day on Pediasure.
food - porridge for lunch and cereal with breastmilk for dinner.
On 7 Nov, I brought her to her usual Pediatrician for chicken pox injection. After checking on her, everything was fine and progress well except her height. Doctor said she is a tiny baby. So he still has to monitor her progress. He suggested us to give her more protein food like chicken, meat, egg, butter, cheese, yogort, peanut butter jam for bread, milk shake, ice cream.....
After I listened from the doctor, I decided to change her daily diet. From today onwards, she has rice for lunch, and porridge for dinner until she can really used to rice. I have bought a small cookware which can boil soup and cook rice with it. Then this will bring to my in law house as her lunch. I also bought yogort, cheese, peanut butter jam to boost her height. Hopefully in 3 months time, her height really can boost up as what I expected.
She can speak a lot of words and she learns very fast. When we teached her new words, she can pick up immediately especially we ask her to look at our mouth when we teach her. She immediately them up. She can say 'papa', 'ma mi', 'ma ma (grandmom)', 'kakak', 'lampu', 'upstair', 'star', 'duck', 'flower', 'ye (grandpa)', 'po po', 'mum mum'.......
When she watching music show or playing her music toys, she will roll her body and clapping hands. I am so proud of her... she is really a smart baby.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Family trip to Bukit Tinggi

Before we decided to go to Bukit Tinggi for family trip, everyone is telling me that Bukit Tinggi is boring and not worth of going. But after I came back from there, I feel it is a nice place to relax with family. No doubt not much activities can be done there, but the scenary and the environment really relaxing. Sometimes, just spend a quiet holiday is fun and meaningful. Family bonding is tighten and happiness is around all of us.
We have a wonderful time there. Alanis does enjoy the holiday.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Alanis @ 14 months

She is getting prettier and prettier as she is more lady look now. She has drop her weight from 8.2 kg to 7.8 kg due to diarrohea and vomitting. But she is picking up her weight slowly again.
She is so active and been non stop talking in her baby language. But she picked up words very fast. Everytime, when we teach her new words, she can say it immediately after we said it. For example, pen, upstair, apple, three, five.... When she listen to music, she will roll her body and starts to sing along.
Up to now, she still can't walk by herself. When we hold her, she can walk. She likes to climb up staircase and she can climb very fast. She loves to eat any adult foods especially soup that cooked by my MIL. She still on porridge and cereal. She has fruit everyday.
She been starting more on formula - pediasure than my breastmilk. She has breastmilk once a day as I am trying to reduce my breastmilk. She enjoys her pediasure well.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sabah Trip

We have a great time in Sabah. I have my cousin sister Cherlynn to go with me. So that she can help me on handling Alanis and carrying things. I think without her, I can't have a enjoyable Sabah trip. Alanis really needs a lot of attention to take care of her. She is an active baby. Once she wake up, she starts moving around and I have to start following her... Really tiring....